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    Alternate dimension in Qlik Sense -- need help

    sandip Ghosh



      The dynamic dimension name in chart Title is  possible if you are using Alternate dimension in Qlik Sense?



      Sandip Ghosh

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          omar bensalem

          Nope; that's not possible;

          But u want to show it in the title; I would suggest u not to use alternative dimension but rather do as follow:


          - go to script, and create an inline table :

          load * inline [

          DimensionID, Dimension

          1, Dim1

          2, Dim2


          - Now in ur sheet, above ur chart, add this new Dimension field as a filter

          - In ur chart, instead of using alternative dimensions; use a calculated dimension as follow:

          if(DimensionID=1, YourFirstDimension, YourSecondDimension)


          -Now, in the title , u add this information to know which dimension we're working with

          ='My measure by '&Dimension

          ps: u can add in the adds-on, to force users to select only one dimension: Count(Distinct Dimension)=1

          Or, as a filter, use an extension and not the native Sense filter object, to force the user to be able to select only one Dimension: