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    Concatenate two tables with focus on WeekDay

    Evgeniy Sharahov



      I'd like to concatenate these two tables.

      But the problem is that WeekDay field from the first isn't equals to WeekDay from the second.


      How to concatenate in this case and apply a "date" format to the crosstable's field? (I can't change WeekDay from the first table to text)





      load ID, Sales,


      WeekDay(Date) as WeekDay,  // Mon, Tue, etc.

      from source_1;


      CrossTable('WeekDay', 'Sales', 2)


      load ID, Store

      Monday as Mon,

      Tuesday as Tue,

      Wednesday as Wed

      .. etc.

      from source_2;

      With best regards,

      Evgeniy Sharahov