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    Incremental load when composite key

      I am trying to do an incremental load for a table having composite key. I create a primary_key while loading the incremental portion and also create a primary_key while loading from the qvd. The where not exists(primary_key) check gives the 'Field not found' error.



      LOAD name&surname as $(primaryKeyColumn),




      SQL SELECT *

      FROM `qv_test`.names

      Where $(lastModifiedColumn) > '$(startDate)' and $(lastModifiedColumn) < '$(endDate)';


      Concatenate ($(tableName))

      LOAD  name&surname as $(primaryKeyColumn),




      From $(qvdPath)$(tableName).qvd (qvd)

      Where not (Exists($(primaryKeyColumn)));


      Could you help me with how to get incremental load when there is a composite key.