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    Allow dashboard viewer to set min/max of a measure

    Jorn Vangoidtsenhoven

      Is it possible in Qlik Sense to allow the viewer of a dashboard to determine min/max values?


      For example, I have a table that shows the sales people, their sales total 6 months ago, their sales total today and the % increase from 6 months ago to today.

      In the table, the dimension (salesperson) is set to show "top 5" as calculated on the % increase measure.  However, sales people that barely started 7-8 months ago have a giant increase (as their sales 6 months ago were very low), so they always show as part of the top 5, usually with a 100%+ increase.


      The executives looking at the dashboard would like to limit the sales people in this table.  For example, one exec wants to see only sales people that had a minimum of $100K 6 months ago; another wants the bar to be $200K, etc...


      Is there a way to allow the execs to select the minimum threshold for a sales person to be considered for the top 5 table?