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    Challenge: Convert Monthly Totals to Daily Average

    William Christensen

      Hello Everyone,


      I am attempting to create an application to show historical budgeted volume against actual volume on a daily basis for up to 7 years in the past. For this scenario, the budgeted volume is calculated per month and must be converted to a daily volume to generate a baseline for comparison. The source data is from Lawson and it not is in a user friendly format. I have reformatted the budgeted volume data and generated daily averages in 15 lines of TSQL. I would like to see a Qlik solution that is comparable. I was originally thinking of a master calendar but that requires thousands of lines and must be maintained so I immediately loose the challenge. I trying to grow my QLIK skills but I know I can’t create a comparable solution in Qlik, can you? If you think it can’t be done, I would like to hear that too! Please see the attached SQL file for example data and the recursive SQL solution. I appreciate all those who took the time to read this this discussion. Thanks!