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    Aggr Set Analysis Calculated Dimension with Variable

    Farrukh Shaikh

      Hi All,


      I have created an expression in Calculated Dimension but its not showing the result. Can you please advise me where I am having an issue. If I removed the ( Draw={"=$(=Draw_EM)"} ) this part then its work but when I restrict by field selection Draw then its showing blank.


      I have attached the qvw file.


      Draw_EM is a Variable:

      =if(GetSelectedCount(Draw) > 0 , GetFieldSelections(Draw), 'EM+')


      Calculated Dimension:

      =Only({$<Draw={"=$(=Draw_EM)"}, Period={">=$(=vPeriod_EM)"}>} Draw)




      =Count({$<Draw={"=$(=Draw_EM)"}, Draw = {"=$(=Draw_EM)"}, Year = {"2017"}>} F2)


      Kind regards,