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    How to Map a same FK twice?

    Jhonatan Vinicius Paulino de Morais

      Hello guys, I'm in trouble to import data from a table that use a field with different names twice. (each name refers to a different business context)


      Here is my entities:



      id as issue_id  -- it is my (PK)


      author_id as user_id  -- it is the user FK thats create the issue

      assigned_to_id as user_id -- it is the user FK thats receive the issue

      issue_parent_id as issue_id -- it is the (parent ) issue FK (relationship)


      id as user_id (PK)


      i tried to map using user_id ou issue_id, but i reveived the error: Field names must be unique within table


      How can i map this fields in the right way?