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    Sybase Advanced Database Server BOB

    Laurent Pairoux

      Hello everyone,

      I'm a very new user of Qlik Sense Desktop and I want to connect Qlik to my accounting tool : Sage BOB50 (it's just for Belgium, France ans Luxembourg). I see on the data integration the possibility to connect to Sybase Ase but after long research on web, I don't find solution.

      Sage BOB50 works with Sysbase Advanced Server Database. I'm not sure about the user and password I have to put on the settings. During the installation of Sybase, I don't have to put a password. The only login I have is the login to connect to the BOB program. I don't know the name of BOB Database I have to put on the connection settings. When I try with this informations, this error appears


      HostName : Ip address

      Port : 6262

      Database : I don't know what I have to write

      User Name : User of BOB

      Password : Password of user BOB


      Error :




      Someone can help me ?