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    ODAG- scripting model app

    Stefania Santalucia



      Is there anyone available to explain how to write the model app script?


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          sai kishore

          Check with this. May be useful

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              Stefania Santalucia

              hi, thank you for your answer, but I want scriptn for ODAG!


              its different!

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                  P Kumar



                  For ODAG need to create two apps

                  1. one for summary app which is you Final UI app where you will apply selections.

                  2. Detail app - here need to write the ODAG Script.

                  if you are working with sql database need to follow the below code just update with your fields everything remains same


                  // DO NOT ALTER THIS SUBROUTINE

                  SUB ExtendWhere(Name, ValVarName)

                    LET T = Name & '_COLNAME';

                    LET ColName = $(T);

                    LET Values = $(ValVarName);

                    IF len(Values) > 0 THEN

                    IF len(WHERE_PART) > 0 THEN

                      LET WHERE_PART = '$(WHERE_PART) AND $(ColName) IN ( $(Values) )';


                      LET WHERE_PART = ' WHERE $(ColName) IN ( $(Values) )';



                  END SUB;



                  SET ACCOUNTID= ;

                  SET ACCOUNTID= $(ods_ACCOUNT);  //this ACCOUNT field name should match with your summary app field

                  SET ACCOUNTID_COLNAME='a.accountid'; //this a.accountid field name should match with your database field



                  SET COMPANYID= ;

                  SET COMPANYID= $(ods_COMPANY);

                  SET COMPANYID_COLNAME='a.companyid';


                  SET WHERE_PART = '';


                  //First Set Statement Variable fields ACCOUNTID, COMPANYID need to pass at For Loop


                  FOR EACH fldname IN 'ACCOUNTID', 'COMPANYID'

                    LET vallist = $($(fldname));

                    WHEN (IsNull(vallist)) LET vallist = '';

                    IF len(vallist) > 0 THEN

                      CALL ExtendWhere('$(fldname)','vallist');


                  NEXT fldname


                  TRACE Generated WHERE clause: ;

                  TRACE $(WHERE_PART);



                       1 AS "FLIGHT_COUNT",

                       ACCOUNTID as "ACCOUNT",

                        COMPANYID as "COMPANY";


                  SQL SELECT



                  FROM "SAPH7T"."/QT/AIRPORT_FACT"