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    Nprinting cache status: Error. What to do?

    Pablo Lopez

      Hello everyone,


      Im new at the community, and thank you all just for enter to see this.


      I have a problem, with Nprinting Novermber 2017, I'm trying to create a connexion to an app on my Qlik sense on the server, but when Im trying to the connection between the App I created on Nprinting and the app created on Sense, it displays me the next image:


      Estado de cache = Cache Status.



      Did someone had the same trouble? or know why this could happend?

      Tthe app im trying to make connection with has the next details:
      Number of objects: 163
      Size: 24.33 MB
      this app has historical data, since 2009 to 2017, so the amount of data load is a lot.

      Thank you all and have a great day.


      Pablo Lopez.