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    How can i include other require modules other than js/qlik?

    Mário Rodrigues

      Hello, i am new to QLIK and im trying to build a web app with qlik sense content from a remote QLIK SERVER. I included Require JS in my html header like this in MY HTML like this:

         <script src="http://localhost:4848/resources/assets/external/requirejs/require.js"></script>


      Then in my javascript i included the require confuguration like:




      Then im able to invoke methods from the ROOT API through require(['js/qlik']) function(qlik) {}). Until here everything is fine, but now i wanted to try qlik-auth, for that i installed in my machine the node.js module qlik-auth (npm i qlik-auth). The problem is, wherever i try to include QLIK auth (through var x = require['qlik-auth']) i always get an error that saying Module name has not been loaded yet for context. I also tried to include other modules, the result is the same!

      Can you provide some help on this subject?