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    Set analysis help

    P Kumar

      Hi Experts,


      Can any one please help me on below requirement.

      In the KPI I have used the below expression.


      =if(len(GetFieldSelections(MonthYear))=0,Count({<MonthYear={'$(=MonthName(Max(Date)))'},STATUS-={'Failed'}>}distinct id),

      Count({<STATUS-={'Failed', 'Completed','Withdrawn'}>}distinct id))


      as per this expression by default kpi will show the max(Month) number of ids, when user selects three months then that 3months related  count of ids it will show.




      1. In the KPI,for the max month  the count of ids is  1 i.e., 2130 id.

      2. When user click on this KPI user need to see this id details in a report.



      By default the Table is showing all the ids in the expression showing zeros, but when i have filtered the month getting correct result.as mentioned in the 2nd screens shot.

      Please help me how to show the kpi results in report by default.


      Thanks in advance.