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    How to make Profit% category at front end in qliksense?

    Divyanshi Bansal

      Hi All,


      I have two columns:     Customer Group and Customer Name


      And I have one radio button:


      I want to categorize all customer group as well as customer name on the basis of sum(Profit) depending upon the selection of customer selection filter as:


      sum(Profit)<0      ->                                    "<0%"

      sum(Profit)>=0 and sum(Profit)<10      -> "0-10%"

      sum(Profit)>=10 and sum(Profit)<20      -> "10-20%"

      sum(Profit)>=20    ->                                  ">=20%" 

      Also I have one leaders filter , I want when someone selects any leader then grouping should be done corresponding to leaders as well in addition to customer group/customer name.



      Kindly help...