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    Girish Gupta

      I have Some Data volumes of data where data is of INDIA but when I use map chart I get to see the whole south Asia near about.

      Is there anyway that I only get to see Specific Country Like in this case INDIA DEPOT WISE VOLUME (DMD).JPG

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          Arvind Patil

          Hi  Girish,


          Create filed country and state and use this into your app.


          1. City&','&'INDIA' as [City and Country],


          2.STATE&','&'INDIA'as [State and Country] ,



          Arvind Patil

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            Bala Bhaskar

            In your map, Check the Location, Size&Shape options, Select & deselect some of the options : Latitude & Longitude Fields, Location Field, Size by....


            Check these:

            1) The chart doesn't display anything if an option 'Use size' is selected.

            2) Shows all countries, if de-selected.


            Then, It'll show only INDIA, by city wise, state wise... whatever the requirement.