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    Set Analysis  with variables

    Giovanni Adamo



      I'm new to the community!    I have a problem, I could not fix it


      I want to see the sum of the budget amount accumulated up to the current month, to try to solve, I have created two variables, one stores the current year (vAñoActual) and the other stores the current month (vMesActual)


      the next line does not do the required calculation

      Sum( {<Año={$(vAñoactual)}> - < Mes={">"$(vMesActual)""}>  } MontoPtto)

      the next line does the calculation, but it is not correct, it does not exclude the indicated values

      Sum( {<Año={$(vAñoactual)}> - < Mes={">$(vMesActual)"}>  } MontoPtto)

      to make it work, put the month in number
      Sum( {<Año={$(vAñoactual)}> - < Mes={">8"}>  } MontoPtto)


      What I want is to replace that 8 with a variable, as I did in the case of the current year.


      Attached example app


      Help me, please!!