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    How to use positive and negative logic simulatniously in Set Analysis

      Hi there


      I have 2 statements I would like to use in one Set Analysis statement. Individually they work a charm, but together I have no luck:


      Statement 1:sum({$-1<ProductBrand = {'*Certificate*', '*Bank*'}>} NrOfExchTxns) // In this statement I want all Txns where the ProductBrand is not Certificate or Bank


      Statement 2:

      sum({$<CallMade={1}>} NrOfExchTxns)  // In This statement I want all Txns where the CallMade value = 1





      Pretty simple one would think, but I have tried various scripts with the following being my latest stab at it, with no positive result:


      sum( {$<CallMade = {"=sum({$-1<ProductBrand = {'*Certificate*', '*Spacebank*'}>}  NrOfExchTxns) = {1}"}>} NrOfExchTxns )


      Any suggestions?


      Many thanks