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    Conditions on expression


      I have a client solution where they have a explaining text as an expression, set as Text as popup on a Dashboard/ Gauge Chart. Is it possible to add a condition to this expression so that it's just shown when RR_Business = Insurance?


      I had solved this in version 10 and 11, but as the client is on version 9 I have to do it differently...



      =' ' & 'Helptext'





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          The easiest way would be changing the expression to null or helptext dynamically if Only(RR_Business) = 'Insurance'. Eventhough the popout comes it comes as null.


          If you want to disable the textas popout dynamically, probably you need to trigger the macro when field selection is changed:


          set chart = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01")
          set Prop = chart.GetProperties 
          Prop.ChartProperties.ShowValueInPopup(0) = true 'or false
          chart.SetProperties Prop