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    Unavailable data not visible in selector with v10

    Scott Moon

      We are seeing some odd behavior with a couple of our applications. There are only two out of 40 production apps that exhibit the behavior, and I can't figure out what's different about them. When viewed in QV 10 Desktop or in Access Point with the v10 IE Plugin installed, whenever a selection is made in a list box, it turns green as usual, but all unavailable options disappear, turning white instead of the usual gray. The same applications viewed with v9 Desktop or IE Plugin behave as expected - selections turn green while unavailable options are grayed out and still visible.


      I originally suspected that it was because we are still using v9 Desktop on most of our clients, but have upgraded the server to v10. This theory went down in flames when I noticed the same behavior in QV10 Desktop. All 40 of the applications we have in production were created using QV Desktop v9. I have verified that the "Hide excluded" option is NOT checked on any of the list boxes affected.


      Any idea what could be causing this?



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          Scott Moon

          This was a long time ago, but the solution turned out to be pretty simple, just not obvious. In QV10 there was a Transparency feature added as a Document Property. The default was set at 100%, which meant that the usual Gray color for unavailable data turned white and the white unavailable data became invisible.


          Solution: Settings -> Document Properties -> General tab. In the Selection Appearance section (bottom right), slide the Transparency slider back to roughly 20% and Apply. Everything shows back up. Adjust the Transparency setting until you find a level that works for you.


          Note: In v11 the Transparenct slider has been limited to a maximum of 70%, so it is no longer possible to make the unavailable data disappear. I suppose you could tweak the text color to match and it might disappear, but why would you?


          Hope this helps someone,