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    Button that changes settings of table



      I haven't worked yet with buttons and was wondering if this was possible:


      I have a Table A that suppresses when the value of dimensions Y and Z is Null. Now I want to create that gives the user the option to show also these lines.

      So I need to know a command that changes this settings but I have no idea which one I should use.


      Can someone help me here?





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          No one has an idea? I looked through the forum and sofar I got this but its not (yet) working (I actually know nothing about VBA but think thats the only way to make this work)...



          function NullSuppression
              set chart = ActiveDocument.getSheetObject("Matrix")
              set chartProperties = chart.GetProperties
              set dims = chartProperties.Dimensions
              dims(0).NullSuppression = True
              chart.SetProperties chartProperties
          End function