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    Block chart with 2 dimensions



      I'm using a block chart with 2 dimensions. Linked to this chart is a table with the lines that are selected.

      The first dimension is parameter X with the values A,B,C,D. The 2nd dimension is a boolean type (Yes or No).


      When I click in the block chart, it just selects one dimension value, for example "Yes", it still shows all the values (A,B,C,D) from the first dimension.

      Instead I would like to do a double selection, so when I click on Yes, in the subblock A, I only want to see the results that are 'Yes' and 'A'.


      Is this possible, and if so, how do you do this?



        • Block chart with 2 dimensions
          Stefan Wühl

          As far as I understand,  a block chart is not spanned by two axis, it is composed of blocks of blocks, the larger / thicker blocks are 1. dimension, the second / thinner drawn blocks the second dimension. If you click on any segment, you kind of drill down on first dimension, another click will select / drill down on second dimension.


          So it should be enough to first click on A, then on Yes to filter on the values you want.


          Hope this helps,


          • Block chart with 2 dimensions
            Karl Pover

            It might work if you create a field that combines the 2 dimensions.  This field would have the values ('A_Yes','A_No', 'B_Yes', 'B_No', etc.)  Replace your second dimension with this new field.  (I don't recommend it, but you can also try to use a calculated dimension.)  You can control the background color manually to color all the Yes's and No's the same.  This should give you the behavior you are looking for.