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    Control Font with Code

      In a text box, can I control the font of each individual word with code?  For instance, in the below snippet, I would like the highlighted text to be bold and italic, while the rest remains the default font.  I would think it's much like VBA and that there are functions for such things in QV code, no?


      = 'Current Selections:'
      if (GetFieldSelections(TypeDescription)<> Null, chr(13) & 'Classification: '  & GetFieldSelections(TypeDescription))
      & if (GetFieldSelections(Sector)<> Null, chr(13) & 'Sector: '  & GetFieldSelections(Sector))
      & if (GetFieldSelections(IndustryGroup)<> Null, chr(13) & 'Industry Group: '  & GetFieldSelections(IndustryGroup))
      & if (GetFieldSelections(Industry)<> Null,  chr(13) & 'Industry: '  & GetFieldSelections(Industry))