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    Server 9 SR2 Internal inconsistency, Type D detected


      Now then,

      I am currently testing using autonumber() as my key fields to find out if the performance will increase significantly from a concatenated key. After making the changes and reloading the script, I am experiencing inconsistent type D errors. This will stop displaying the data and will make the file corrupt ?

      I have to close qlikview and restart services for qlikview to function properly again. A recovery file is not created for the corrupt file. If i open the corrupt file, I get the inconsistent message again!

      The table joins are creating 150 million rows of data which creates a 6Gb file once saved. This is the reason why i was going to try using autonumber as performance is increased testing with smaller files.

      Any ideas anybody?

      Its definately not a server issue as it is 64 bit 133Gb memory and has 24 core cpu