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    loading text from .csv file

      hello! I am loading data from a csv file.

                    if(0<index(upper(DESCRIPTION),'BARNARDT '),'AFTERCARE',
                    if(0<index(upper(DESCRIPTION),'HEAD TO TOE '),'BEAUTY',
                    if(0<index(upper(DESCRIPTION),'CREDIT AGREEMENT REP'),'CAR FINANCE',
                    if(0<index(upper(DESCRIPTION),'OTHER BANK ATM'),'CASH',
                    if(0<index(upper(DESCRIPTION),'CASH WITHDRAWAL FEE'),'CASH WITHDRAWAL FEE',

      One of the colums contain string data, which can contain a load of junk eg....'MUTUAL fee 18493'. I want to somehow categorize all this data. So for this field, I would like to make it eg 'Mutual Fees'. So that all SIMILAR entries add  up to MUTUAL fees.

      I have tried doing it in IF statements (see code ) but after 70 IF's in the select part (YES!) it seems that it cannot handle more than that .


      Is there an easier way to do this? Mapping tables are not going to do the trick since only PART of the string will match.

      any help will do thankx