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    Developing in AJAX

      We are currently running QlikView 9.0 SR1. Even though the AJAX view has improved dramatically over 8.5 there are still some formatting differences between publishing an AJAX version and an IE Plug-in version. We deploy AJAX version to our clients via a web server but those apps. Is there any way I can develop in the AJAX environment so I don't have to go back and tweak the formatting?



        • Developing in AJAX
          Vlad Gutkovsky


          Unfortunately, that's not possible. It's pretty much inevitable that AJAX will have formatting issues. There are certain "best practices" to minimize these issues, but developing in AJAX can't be done.


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              Could you elaborate or provide a pointer to the best practices for managing AJAX rendering of pages. For me, the biggest issue comes when I need to convert a Horizontal single column, vertically.

              There are many other issues but a pointer to this simple one would be a great help. I have previously read that adjustments to the style sheets is an option?