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    Application will not reload automatically


      I have an application that just will not reload automatically through Qlikview v9 64-bit server.

      I have 8 other apps that all reload just fine. The 9th app that will not reload automatically is set to reload in exactly the same way as the other 8.

      If I reload manually through management console (Reload tab), it works fine - so no problems within the app itself. But when I check in the morning (all apps set to reload once overnight), there is no entry in the status section for this app. So it's not even causing an error - it just looks like it's not even trying to reload? I've treble checked the times to ensure there are no clashes - there aren't. I've also tried changing the time around, but the application refuses to do anything automatically. The application file itself is in the same directory as one of the apps that is reloading automatically too.

      So I'm completely stumped on this one? Has anyone seen this and have a solution?

      Many thanks