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    Creating a graph where you can choose different years... (noob)



      Im totally new to qlikview, i have tried to look at some videos and stuff but i have som questions now and im hopefull that someone here can help me out.


      Im having a excel file, with jan-dec and every month have a value say between "0-500" and then i have this information for 2 years. I have managed to create a barchart for each year, but i really want a graph just showing the "months" on the x-axis and the values on the y-axis. Then i want a listbox where i can choose between 2012 and 2013.


      But when i try to create a graph i only get dots and not the line between the dots, and also i don't know how to do to change between years.


      I hope this makes sence, it's quite hard to explain and english is not my native language.


      Thanks for all help!!