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    Document CAL functionality

    Travis Dirmyer

      Hello QV Community!


      I am new to QlikView server and am trying to find out more about how a Document CAL works. From the documentation I found, if I apply 10 document CALs to any 1 QVW served by my QlikView server, 10 users (who have been given access) can access this QVW. If an 11th user comes and tries to access the QVW, while the first 10 users are still viewing the QVW or the document sessions haven't yet released, then the 11th user will not be able to view the QVW.


      Provided that the above statement is correct, I need to know how a Document CAL would act under the following scenario.


      If I design 1 QVW, that is a dashboard for 5 sub QVWs, where do I apply the Document CALs? I want to ensure that I am using the correct number of CALs. I have plenty of licensing for Document CALs. However, I want to make sure I am using my Document CALs properly. I don't want to use more that I really need to.



      I have a QVW where when I connect to it, I have the choice of 2-5 buttons with detailed explanations of what they do. When I click on one of the buttons, I actually jump into a different QVW. To clarify, clicking on a button takes me to another QVW, NOT another tab within the same QVW.


      If I have a QVW with 5 sub QVWs, do I need to apply 10 Document CALs or 50 Document CALs.


      Current:     QlikView 10 Server SR4


      Thank you all.



        • Document CAL functionality
          Jason Michaelides

          Hi travis,


          You'll need 60 DocCALs here.  10 of them to give your 10 users access to the "Selection QVW" and 5x10 more to give those 10 users access to the other 5 documents.  You might consider a simple webpage instead of a QVW for the selection page.


          HOWEVER!  In this scenario you should not use DocCALs.  As a rough guide, if a single user requires access to more than 3 different QVW files, it is more cost-effective to purchase Named User CALs rather than DocCALs.  A Named User CAL will give a single user access to unlimited QVWs whereas a DocCAL only gives a single user access to ONE QVW.


          Hope this helps,