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    Importing date values from excel



      I know this question may have already been tackled in other discussions and if this is the case please can you post the link....


      I have an excel sheet that i used to import the date values(just two sample dates in MM/DD/YY):


      Hire Date


      This is how to values are displayed when i open my excel sheet..However when i double click on a cell the values are like this 6/8/2005 and 10/1/2003


      My question is:


      How do i get about importing the dates correctly in the form of MM/DD/YYYY?


      I tried using:


      1. Date#([Hire Date],'mm/dd/yy') which gives 38511

      2. Date([Hire Date],'mm/dd/yy') which gives 00/08/05 --> the month seems to have been set to 00 why?

      3. Date(Date#([Hire Date],'mm/dd/yy'),'mm/dd/yy') which gives -