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      My virtual test server is broken so I can't test this...


      A client have a test server with a QlikView document they want to move to the production server after testing. Unfortunately hte super users are allowed to create objects on the test server so I need to move those as well.


      Is it possible when movin a .qvw file to move it's SHARED file as well and maintain all user objects?




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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Torbjörn,


          In principle, you should be able to copy the whole file with QVW, QVD, SHARED and META files and they should work just fine, as long as the same exact name of users and licenses are assigned in the new server. Anyway, I'd recommend you to stop all services, copy the folder, then restart services and check in the QMC if the server objects are kept.


          Do first moving only one test file to make sure that will work.


          Hope that helps.