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    Conditional Show based on Selection

      Hey Everyone-


      I know this is super simple, but for some reason I cannot figure this out.  Currently have a straight table:



      JoeRunningHe's super fast
      MikeRunningHe's super slow, around 10% Slower
      MichelleSwimmingAverage swimmer
      JoanBikingAverage at 10%
      JohnRunningAverage at best



      I have a separate list box called "Client" so they can filter this straight table to the selection.  What, I'd like to do is the following:


      If the user clears all and does not select any client, then just show "Mike" (and it's results)


      If not, then go by the listbox selection(s)


      In my straight table, for "Client" I have changed to the dimension to a calculated dimension, that looks like this:



      For the field "Output," since it's straight table (and not a table box), I made that field as an expression using the following:



      However, if I "Clear All" under "Client" in the straight table, I get -1 instead of it saying "Mike."  The other two fields (Metric and Output) come out correct.


      I've literally been racking my brain on this, but for some reason I can't get anything but either -1 or a NULL value instead of just "Mike."


      Now, if I do select a specific "Client" under the listbox, everything comes out correct (in other words, it shows the Client's name).  What am I missing?