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    Frequence tabulation

      I need you help for this.

      I have a transaction table with4 columns

      1. - Id client
      2. - date of transaction
      3. - product purchase
      4. - Amount of product

      From these datas , I would want to create a new summary table by Number of transaction

      - Number of transaction (1 , 2 , 3 , ...) ; count of clients ; total amount

      For example, I want to know, how many single client (who bougth one time), ...

      I would want to know if I can build my table without using the script (with simple table) or i need to aggregate datas on the script ?

      Thanks for your help






        • Frequence tabulation
          Peter Rieper

          For a unique transaction-number you should hardcode this in the script. Other calculations can be done in simple table/graphs, just with your required aggregation as Expression and required dimension. In the first approach think that this should do - you may then go lateron into more sophisticated formulas.