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    Data Link Properties

      I select OLE DB in the Edit Script box and then 'Connect' and am unable to connect to the data source or get a Failed to Connect to Qlikview Connector message.  Am I missing a driver, or is there anything else I can try.  I have tried it with or without the 'Force 32 Bit' checked.


      Edit: I can't get the Data Link Properties box to appear.

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          Gaurav Khare

          Hi There,

          with what data source you are trying to connect??? You need a connector for connecting SAP Source rest most of the drivers are available in the drop down list....again if there is a problem in establishing connection then it might be the case that the password you are entering may be incorrect...

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            Teun Marsman

            Having the same problem. Did you find any solution yet?

            QlikView is installed and published in a citrix environment.

            I also get this error while trying to test an ODBC connection:

            Connection Test Failed

            Failed to connect to QlikView Connector.



            Problem solved!

            I Didn't have the required userrights to access the QlikView connector.


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