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    Expressions and Dimensions in Bar Charts



      I am very new to qlikview. I have a very straightforward excel data file that I would like to analyse, example below:



      CountryRegionAge (0-20 years)Age (21-40)Age (41 +)
      EnglandCounty Durham5%30%65%
      Northern IrelandBelfast20%20%60%


      I would like to create a bar chart with the age variables (last 3 columns on the right) as the X axis and the percentage data as the values in the chart (y axis 0% - 100%). I loaded the data into qlikview in a standard way and created 3 seperate expressions for the Age Bands (which can be seen in the legend). I then used list boxes for country and region so that these can be selected and the bar chart changes - lovely. A couple of questions:


      1. In this example do I need a dimension?
      2. How can I make the Age categories in the above example appear in the x axis labels?