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    Do I need a Macro for this?

      I have list of stores (40) in a list box. The document produces various charts (time trends) on the store level performances e.g. sales, complaints, returns, etc. So when i select a store, It will give me a line chart of sales in my sales chart and line chart of returns in my returns chart for that store. If i select multiple stores it will change the chart to aggregate performance of the selected stores. This works fine and useful. However, now I want to produce a Sales chart for example in such a way that when selecting multiple stores instead of aggregating the sales it will add individual expression for the selected stores. e.g if i select 4 stores in the list box it should show me 4 lines in the chart representing individual performance of the selected store. Is it possible? What do i need to use? set analysis? Macro? or something else? Let me know if you need more explanation.