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    Master Calender problem with selections

      Hi Experts


      I have a problem with my master calender. I already made some applications with a working master calender but this one isn''t working.


      I have a table called Contactmomenten with a field STARTDATETIME. I connected this field to the master calender.


      When I check the mastercalender table i can see that the range of data that is autogenerated is correct


      I put a Table box on the screen with two listboxes, Month and Quater to check wether my selections will work.


      And this is the moment where is went wrong, i only see the data that is generated by the master calender.

      So I if I don''t use any selection (Month or Quater) I see all the data (correct)


      Does anyone has an idea what could be wrong? I attached my project in a zip



      There is also a enddatetime in the table, if i switch the mastercalendar to this date i have the same results, so then it also won''t work.

      I also compared it with other applications from myself, with the same include (masterCalendar) and also a datetime field and i can''t see any differences