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    Citrix and QlikView Mobile

    Dan Heller

      Here is our scenario…

      -          - We can connect remotely to our network, but our QlikView server is not on the public domain.

      -          - We run apps through a Citrix server.  This is how we maintain security and connect to the Access Point.

      -          - Currently only supporting the iPad as a mobile device on our network, not the Android, Blackberry etc.




      1)      1) What is the best setup to connect the iPad to a published QV application?

      2)      2) Which mobile client is the best?

      3)      3) Any client I have tried does not allow me to make multiple selections.  (Similar to holding the Ctrl key on the keyboard when making selections.  I have tried AJAX, Safari, Firefox, IE client)  How is this done?

      4)      4) Is QV11 more suited for the mobile environment.  Read something about “Small Screen Mode". Will this help me?

               5) When working with Citrix and QlikView, are there any limitations when it comes to mobile?