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    pivot table ?

    steve peroni

      Hi ,

      I'm newer and I'm trying to build a table like this:


                               Sales                    Sales               Sales

      Customer          Product type1     ProductType2     ProductType3    Totale Sales

      A                         1000                         500               300               1800

      B                         2000                         -                   500               2500

      C                         3000                       1000             4000               8000



      I've three product types and I need to list allo the values in the same line, practically one line for each product

      How can I realize this kind of table

      I'm working with the QLIK PERSONAL EDITION


      Help please!


      Thanks in advance



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          Sander Janssen

          Hi, you can use a straight table. Customer as dimension, for each Product type one expression and for totals you can use a fourth expression being column(1)+column(2)+column(3). Regards, Sander

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              steve peroni

              First of all, thanks for your answer.

              I'm sorry, I must be more clear about this issue.


              Previously, I wrote "three"  Producttype, but really I don't have a fixed number. The product type column number is random, it depending on sales distribution.

              Practically, I don't know which Product type will be loaded


              Hope this is more clear





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                  Sebastian Pereira

                  Hi bibopipo!


                  Welcome to qlikview world!!


                  1) make a Pivot Table

                  2) Customer as first dimention

                  3) Product as second dimention

                  4) Sum(Sales) as Expression

                  5) Go to Presentation. In Dimentions and Expressions (upper left corner) you will see all the dimentions and expressions you have. When you select one dimention, you can click on "Show partial sums". In your case, if you want to get the total of each customer, click the "Show partial sums" for the Product dimention. If you want to see the total for each Product too, click on the same for Customer.

                  6) click ok Ok for make the table

                  7) click on the Product column field, and drop it to the left, until the blue flag cames horizontal.

                  8) enjoy you table!!


                  I recomend that you "play" with the options, for understanding them.