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    Dynamic Slider: setting Min/Max for Dates for which qty>0



      I'm trying to set a slider with variables Min and Max in the following scenario:


      Orders is a table containing all sort of order data. Here there is also a date field coded as YYYYMMDD

      Calendar is a table containg the calendar drawn from the date field in Order table, returning all sort of fields as 'Year', 'Quarter' etcetc.

      Calendar is a static table with all pre-written calendar data of a 10 years span, so also in the future.


      Therefore, if I set the slider with Min(Date) and Max(Date), the slider returns 2008 and 2020 as Min and Max.

      meanwhile I would like to check the Min/Max(Date) for which it exists an entry in the Orders table


      Something like

      Max(Calendar.Date)  when Orders.QuantityOrdered>0


      Is this possible to achieve?


      thank you!