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    Previous Month

      Hello ppl!


      I have a question!


      Ived created a variable called vPreviousMonth =month(addmonths(max(Date_Clean),-1))


      I want a straight table which shows current month i have selected (ive made that) and then i want the previous table to show previous month


      e.g. If i am in November i also want to see October - If i am in July, i also want to see June..


      How do i make that expression?


      My expression for currentmonth looks like this:

      =Sum({<Month=, Year=,2012={'>=$(=MonthStart(Max(2012)))<=$(=Max(2012))'}>}BuyPriceRealized)


      I dont know if that expression is correct if not i would also like to know how the "right" way is to do it...


      Thanks ALOT!!