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    Backup of Qlikview application

      Hi Friends,


      I do not have access to any other location hence I am posting my question here. Apologies if I have posted in a wrong place. I am not an application guy so please excuse my little knowledge


      I am trying to backup the Qlikview application. I am trying to confugure the backup using NetApp storage's snap creator. Prior to taking the backup, I have few queries:


      1. If the application is storing transient data then it needs to be taken in to some kind of hotbackup (quiesce) mode.

      If it does storage transient data then I must put the application in quiesce mode so that I can take a consistent backup of the application. Is it possible to take the qlikview application in hotbackup backup mode ?

      If yes then what is the sytax of the command? I need to put the command of hotbackup(quiesce) mode in my backup script so that before taking the backup, the appliction goes in to hotbackup mode and then once the snapshot backup is done, it comes out of it. 


      I guess if the application is not storing transient data then its backup can be taken without taking the application in hot backup mode.


      Many thanks for your suggestions.