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      Hi all,


      I have a confusion ....If Hierarchy can be implemented through pivot table easily ,why Hierarchy option in script is given .

      Is it for some other purpose???

      please give an example how to implement it in script.

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          Good morning,


          Sometime you have a table with son, parent and pieces.

          You need for product A the materials B, C and D.

          For B you have tot have the materials E and F, for D G, H and I.

          The table would be like this:

          A - B - 1

          A - C - 2

          A - D - 2

          B - E - 4

          B - F - 1

          D - G - 2

          D - H - 3

          D - I - 2


          Now the question is, what do you need for product A.

          4x E

          1x F

          2x C

          4x G

          6x H

          4x I



          I have build up the example of the german manual with some changes. See attached file.




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              Hi Vicky,


              Thanks for quick response..

              I am attaching a sheet with my doubts.


              Now can you tell me how to build hierarchy for this simple example .The example you gave is quite complex to understand.

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                  I hope, this is better for your understanding.


                  Your table is the pivot table on the right side. If you have your data in this form like your table in the word-doc, you don't need the hierachry in the script.


                  The hierarchy you need, if yor table looks like the first inline-table, where only the direct neigbours are one row, for example DL - Stationary. The next row is Stationary - Marker, the next one is Stationary - Pen, the next one is Stationary - Notepad, and so on.