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    QlikView Load Script HTTP vs UTC in Publisher

      I am loading an excel document from SharePoint.  Both of the following methods work from my local machine using the QlikView client:


      Load * From [http://Server/00/XYX/Shared%20Documents/Good%20Document/RATES.xls]




      Load * From [\\Server\00\XYZ\Shared Documents\Good Document\RATES.xls]


      On the server using publisher, ONLY the http address method works.   Using the Path I get an error Cannot open file...the network name cannot be found,


      The reason I HAVE to use the path is in a future load (which works great on my local machine) I am loading using a wildcard (*) so it grabs all of the spreadsheets in a specific directory.   I cannot use a wildcard in an HTTP format....not allowed, but can using the path.