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    ODBC Connection to SQL Server

      Hi all,


      I'm Trying to connect from my Local Machine to SQLServer database  (Which is located in another server) using another ActiveDirectory ID.


      When Creating DSN's , i think we can't edit the AD Account Details .


      Let me know is there a way to Connect



      Thanks in Advance


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          Jonathan Dienst



          I don't think you need to (or can) set the AD account on a DSN. The AD option uses a trusted connection, which is your account (or if the DSN is used from a service - such as QVS - the service account). So it is unnecessary to set the account because the account is determined by the calling context, not the DSN.


          The options that are grayed out are for SQL Server authentication (and are not AD related).


          If you cannot connect to the server, then you need to change the login permissions for the account on the SQL server.


          Hope that helps