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    Disassociate a table after importing data

      Hi there,


      i have a dashboard that reads 9 different excel spreadsheets and what i need is to disassociate (in italian version: "sconnetti logicamente" - logically disconnect) a straight table, in order that the values inside this table do not change during the data analysis.


      I need this because they represent the % Effort of each team on all the services offered to customer.


      Here is a screenshot also:

      dash_stats - Copia.png


      Is it possible to insert a code inside the Script to let this table to get "disassociated"/"disconnected logically" just after the ending of data loading?

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Detach the table  by checking the Detached option on the General tab of the properties screen. This can not be done from the load script, but you could set a variable in the load script and have a macro run on the OnPostReload trigger to set the Detached value. Something like:


          sub DetachMyChart

               set v = ActiveDocument.Variables("vDetachCH01")

               if v.GetContent.String = 1 then ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01").Detach

          end sub