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    Christian Conejero

      Calendar object does not work in Ajax.

      QV 11 , 11282.0 SR1 – 64 bits

      A fast fixing would be appreciated.


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          Bill Britt

          Hi Christian77,


          If you think you have found a bug you need to contact support and open a case. That way they can log the bug for you after they find out how to reprduce the issue.

          • CALENDAR BUG
            Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



            In addition to what Bill suggests, this is indeed a known issue and has been recorded as a bug to be fixed in next releases. Contact support anyway should the have created a customer patch and they can advice you on how to download and install it, if any.


            The work around for the time being is to use a variable instead of a field in the calendar object. That way the calendar will show all dates from minimum value to maximum value as specified in the object properties, while when a field is used, you can only select and browse the current date. Of course, you will need to change your expressions based on that field to use a variable, but that will work as well with no loss of performance.


            Hope that helps.



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                Actually, I have the same problem.


                Could you explain with more detail how make the calendar with a variable. Particulary, I don't see how "convert" my date field in a variable, and then how it can work.




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                    Christian Conejero


                    First create the variable. DateVariable1

                    Then set the calendar to use that variable.

                    The variable will take the value that you select in the calendar.


                    ANother thing is how the calendar treats that variable or its format.

                    If you create another variable like:

                    DateVariable2 = date(DateVariable1,'DD/MM/YYYY')



                    In your expressions set Date={'$(DateVariable2)'} or Date={'<=$(DateVariable2)'}


                    it should work.