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    divide by expression



      I want to devide some values but i cant find the correct expression

      i've a tabe witch som coloms with sum expressions and a total


      sum ([a]), sum ([b]) , sum ([c]) and sum ([a])+sum ([b])+sum([c])


      now i want to make an other expression wich gives me the divide of [a],[b] and [c]


      sum [a]+sum [b]+sum[c]/3 does not give the correct answer ex a=5, b=4 and c=7 outcome shout be 16/3=5,3 but outcome qlikview =10

      Avg ([a]+[b]+[c]) does not work either, outcome qlikview = 16

      Avg (sum ([a]) + sum ([b]) + sum ([c]) gives error in expression


      below a screenshot



      help me



      grtz Ed