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    Changing hierarchy

    Harri Väyrynen



      Hierarchy is changing and history information is given with from to.

      In this very small example MATS has changed his AREA to 3 from 2.


      Hierarchy                         from           to

      HQ-DIV1-AREA2-MATS   1.1.2010    11.1.2012

      HQ-DIV1-AREA3-MATS   12.1.2012   NULL

      HQ-DIV1-AREA4-JACK    1.1.2010    NULL

      HQ-DIV2-AREA1-JIM       1.1.2010    NULL



      How you have implemented this kind of changing hierarchy in QV.



      IF user selects in application MATS, user should get all MATS data.

      IF user selects AREA2 (and MATS) only data from 1.1.2010 --> 11.1.2012 from MATS should be as a result.


      I know how to implement static hierarchy with hierarchy load. But this changing hierarchy is problematic for me.



      Thank you for your time, BR.