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    sum disregarding dimension but not selection

    Nicolas Aimain

      Dear all,


      I'm trying to calculate a value along a hierarchy

      I have 2 fields: Site and Division and a Value

      >> this value is filled only at the Business Unit level and on an empty Site (or a dummy Site if it should help)


      I'm trying to display this value for all site linked to the Business Unit without displaying Business Unit in my straight table


      For example




      Business Unit

      (not shown in the table)


      Display value

      (awaited result)

      Site AA-120
      Site BA-120

      Site CB-90
      Site DB-90


      i tried several expression combinating TOTAL and set analysis but without success and i didn't manage to find an example that fit with my needsq

      sum(TOTAL <Site> Value)

      sum({$<Site=,[Business Unit]=P([Business Unit])>} Value)


      does anybody has an idea ?


      Thanks in advance