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    Forcing graph to detach then attach after a reload

      Hi there,


      Can anyone adivse me what the best way would be to detach and then attach a scatter graph after a reload would be?


      At the moment, I have unwanted behavior in a model whereby the graph labels sometimes don't update correctly until I detach then attach the graph. This tends to happen sometimes after doing a reload of the data. Whenever it happens I open the model on the server and fix it by detaching and then attaching the graph and then clicking on the save button. I'd therefore like to programatically simulate my actions by using a macro of sorts to do this whenever a reload takes place.


      So far, I've learned that I can use a trigger to run a macro after a reload takes place. I can select the sheet containing the scatter graph using the following syntax:




      At this point I need to detach and then attach the graph. Assuming the scatter graph needs certain parameters to be selected before being able to create the scatter graph, would I first need to set values for each of them before detaching and attaching the graph or would this not be necessary? Or perhaps there is a better way to approach this scenario?


      Many thanks