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    Label alternate states

      Hello again


      I have an line chart with two products.


      Each product has a listbox.


      Product Comparison1


      Product Comparsion2


      My expression for sums are like this


      1: =Sum({$<Year=, Month=, ProductName=[ProduktSammenligning1]::ProductName>}BuyPriceRealized)




      2: =Sum({$<Year=, Month=, ProductName=[ProduktSammenligning2]::ProductName>}BuyPriceRealized)


      This allows me to compare 2 products in my line chart. However, my labels only show ProduktSAmmenligning1 and 2


      How can i make my label dynamic, so it actually shows what i have chosen in the different listboxes??


      Ived tryed Max({produktsammenligning1} ProductName) - That does not work


      Any1 with an idea??